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One and a half years later “China No.1 Fish Market” will be opened in Zhoushan  0

ack to the construction site of “China First Fish Market” in-construction after half a year, two buildings shining blue has been built on the site; the inshore over-bridges has been connected and extend to west and east.

“By the end of October of next year, Zhoushan International Aquatic Products City improving and reconstructing project will be finished and delivered to use. At that time, the aquatic products city will show new appearance of ‘China No.1 Fish Market’” introduced by related personnel of Zhoushan International Aquatic Products City.

Through twenty years’ construction and development, it has been a large-scale professional aquatic products whole-sale market integrating trade of fresh, living, frozen, and dried aquatic products. It aims at being “China No.1 Fish Market”.

At that time, the aquatic products city will cover over 4000m trade shoreline and over 40 ports; and then it can accommodate over 100 fishing boats; the annual trade volume will be up to 1million tons ; the turnover will be over 12billion Yuan. “China No.1 Fish market” is unveiling its mystery veil frequently.

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