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Nanri Abalone Industry of Futian, Fujian enters up branding development  0

Previously, “NAN RI ABALONE” has been on the newly recognized well-known trademark list published by State Administration of Industry and Commerce. On February 17th, the reporter was informed that Xiao Yaohua, president of Nanri Abalone Association was granted “Nanri Abalone” Association Well-known Trademark plateau at Putian Merchant Returning Adventure Starting Conference in Putian City, Fujian Province.

Refer to how to promote the development of Nanri abalone, Chen Huifang, general secretary and director of Putian City Xiuyu district Administration of Industry and Commerce said that “the reorganization of well-known trademark of Nanri abalone is a milestone in the trademark history of Xiuyu district; for the next step, the Administration of Industry and Commerce will continue to do industry regulating and brand protection work well after recognition of well-known trademark and strive to do contributions to development of the great ocean economic well.”

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