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Zhangzhou Fujian will build “Grouper Capital”  0
Zhangzhou strives to finish the building of “Grouper Capital” in 5 years. By 2015, the output of the grouper will be over 15000 tons and the turnover will be 1.5 billion Yuan. Presently, Zhangzhou city has published opinions on promoting grouper brand construction work.

In future, the grouper in Zhangzhou will be brought into aquatic products quality security traceable system to realize quality security traceability management that “there is record and information for production; there is direction flow for traceability; there is system of accountability; the products can be called back and there is quality guarantee system”. To avoid counterfeit and shoddy, Zhangzhou will promote joint system of marine fishery, quality supervision, and administration of industry and commerce these departments to strengthen brand protection consciousness of enterprises and the public, promote sales and distribution of main channels, improve counterfeit technology and establish market monitor system. At the place meeting the requirements and the target market, to promote brand aquatic products shops and professional market construction to prevent faking up an unsound horse and to protect the brand with legal forces.
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